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Travel hacks for your next trip to Kuala Lumpur


Every country in the world has unique handwriting. Their brand should not be missed when visiting this particular country, especially in Kuala Lumpur. After spending a thousand of your hard-earned cash and cleaning up all of your annual vacations, it becomes pretty embarrassing when your coworker or friend asks you about the places or things you visited or experienced. Well, you are not alone. The following are some Travel hacks for your next trip to Kuala Lumpur,

Kuala Lumpur

Mode of transport

One crucial factor affecting your travel experience is the mode of transport you choose. Using public transport such as buses or taxis will take longer to get to your destination. You also need to consider the weather as Kuala Lumpur is often very hot and humid, with rain sometimes at night. Also, some taxi drivers can be very picky about the destination they want to go to and may be reluctant to use the taximeter (especially during peak hours). Hiring an experienced private guide cuts travel time and ensures the smoothest and most comfortable trip possible. With a private tour guide, you can spend more time enjoying your favorite Kuala Lumpur destinations and offering you the best value for money.

The night is the best time to enjoy it.

The lights of the signs and tents to attract customers are an intoxicating sight. Those who like to watch little people have their hands full here – the rush is huge. All kinds of people hang around this place. You’d probably spend the night guessing what precisely each individual could be doing there.

Hidden issues

Check with your hotel and travel agent for any other fees you may incur. These include state taxes, service fees, internet connection fees, and entrance fees (most Kuala Lumpur hotels charge internet access fees). You can also inquire with your hotel whether the service staff expects tips.

Where to stay

The most popular area for backpackers in Kuala Lumpur is Chinatown. The centerpiece is Jalan Petaling (Petaling Street). The accommodations range from simple guesthouses with shared bathrooms to air-conditioned one- and two-star hotels. (Hotels in Malaysia are rated according to a star system going from one to a maximum of five stars; those without stars are classified as “economy”). Another benefit of staying in Chinatown is its proximity to the Puduraya bus station.

This is the central bus station to other cities in the country. Chinatown is also within walking distance of the Kuala Lumpur Monorail Station in Jalan Maharajalela and the STAR Light Rail Transit Station near the Central Market. With a swimming pool open to the public for a small fee, Chin Woo Stadium is just a 20-minute walk from Jalan Petaling. Located on top of a hill, it’s a great place to cool off after a busy day of sightseeing.

What to eat

Malaysia is famous for its food, with Malay, Chinese and Indian food well represented here. Malay food is the most common cuisine in Kuala Lumpur. The overall tone is spicy with a bit of sweetness. Herbs and spices are popularly used in their food. Alcohol, pork, and other non-halal meats are prohibited as ingredients. Try nasi lemak – a famous national dish made of white rice cooked in coconut milk and accompanied by “sambal,” a pepper paste mixed with salted anchovies, or “Ikan Bilis” Roti Jala – This is an entry and teatime, a type of crepe that can replace rice as a meal in Malaysian households.

The dough is made from flour and egg with a hint of turmeric powder and butter that give it a yellow color. Satay – This is Malay’s version of western kebab. The difference between kebab and satay is that kebab is sweeter. It is soft, marinated meat impaled on a thin stick of coconut leaves. The heart can be rabbit, beef, or chicken, accompanied by peanut sauce and ketupat, rice cooked in coconut milk.

What to do when you arrive in Kuala Lumpur


The beaches in Kuala Lumpur are breathtaking, with soft white sand and warm, clear water. These beaches are pristine, with only a few water sports like snorkeling and diving. None of the other livelier “tourist” spots will ruin the experience. There are some fantastic coral reefs and colorful tropical fish to see if you decide to get in the water, and there are small beach huts in many spots along the beach that serve snacks and drinks to cool off later. When sunbathing, you can often find hidden coves for seclusion.

Sightseeing tours

The day trip to the elephant sanctuary, which takes place in a beautiful rainforest, is worth seeing; Here, you come into contact with orphaned elephants and experience the fun of feeding and bathing. You can then ride on one of them. It is a beautiful experience that you will never forget. The caves and Batu Temple are not to be missed; it is spectacular with impressive monuments at the entrance, but be warned that there are a few steps (around 272 of them) to the caves, making walking difficulties a problem. Guided tours are very informative, and you will meet some friendly monkeys during your tour.

Explore Malaysia’s largest Buddhist temple. You take the funicular to the summit on a mountainside, and there you can explore the beautiful 72-hectare botanical garden, which also has some friendlier monkeys roaming around. There is so much to see here that it is indeed spectacular, with the beautiful “Statue of the Goddess of Mercy” and the hundreds of turtles lining “Longevity Pond.” There are also cable car tours, rehabilitation centers in Orange, Utah, and scenic hot spring rides. There will be plenty of photo opportunities in and around Kuala Lumpur, and this trip you will never forget.


There are some great stores in Kuala Lumpur. Shopaholics will love it here, with its vast malls’ housing exclusive designer stores and international stores. You can find everything and more; Only the leading bookstore occupies two floors in the 6-story Suria KLCC shopping mall. It will take you a full day and maybe more to explore the vast amount of shops. Across the street, you’ll find another large mall called Avenue K, home to designer and fashion stores and restaurants and haute cuisine nightclubs. All of your retail therapy needs are met in Kuala Lumpur.


Kuala Lumpur has a vibrant nightlife, there are more than enough bars and clubs to keep your evenings entertaining, and there are some private VIP lounges for the budget-conscious. In addition to the hippest nightclubs, a night city tour is a must. The city comes to life with an explosion of colors. There is also no shortage of restaurants in the city. Here you will find all kinds of dishes from breakfast until the early morning hours, with almost all types of international cuisine.


Before you pack your bags and prepare to leave for your dream Asian destination, Kuala Lumpur, it is advisable to book your tickets in advance. Many hotels in Kuala Lumpur offer different pricing plans to suit different travel budgets. If you’re traveling with kids, find a family suite that is widely available but needs to be booked in advance. Now we will move on to the various attractions when visiting Kuala Lumpur.

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