Julia Gillard: ‘In many approaches my life has come full circle’


When Jeff Kennett based beyond blue 17 years ago, he did so with an imaginative and prescient that it’d end up an agent of mass social reform around mental health. What he has accomplished is outstanding, with beyond blue now Australia’s leading intellectual fitness corporation. I am deeply proud to succeed Jeff in the position of chair.

Julia Gillard:

In many methods, I have experienced that during doing so, my existence has come full circle. My father changed into a psychiatric nurse. He worked with compassion and empathy with the ones living at Glenside health center, and he never shied far away from speaking simply to my sister Alison and me approximately the paintings he did. At least in our family, the crippling stigma that too frequently surrounds intellectual health did no longer exist. In taking over this function, I am honoring the paintings of my father, and in my very own manner, persevering with it too.

As chair, I intend to paintings closely with our fantastic crew at beyond blue to build on Jeff’s fierce bipartisan advocacy and prevention work on melancholy, anxiety, and especially suicide.

In constructing proper intellectual fitness, one element we cannot ignore is the importance of creating resilience. As a former top minister of our first-rate nation – and one who revel in because the first woman held its particular challenges – I deeply recognize the significance of building resilience. I have always believed that strength is like a muscle – the extra you use it, the more potent it grows.


At beyond blue, we aim to assist build resilience as part of charting a new course within the way all of our mental health: from preschool to uni, from the store ground to the C-suite, from young households to retirement.

We want to begin this work with our children because resilient youngsters grow to be resilient adults.

To that end, we have been presenting schools with two crucial packages referred to as KidsMatter and MindMatters. These are intellectual health and well-being tasks designed to help number one and secondary colleges. Early getting to know offerings create support groups targeted at the wellbeing of our children.

We will now build on this work, having been decided on using the Commonwealth Department of Health to be the leader in providing training applications in each Australian school and early childhood training placing with the National Education Program.

Work has already begun on the first stage of developing this initiative so that you can be designed and introduced in partnership with Early Childhood Australia and the youth mental fitness business enterprise headspace from 2018.

We can also be running to make sure that places of work are appropriately prepared to foster resilience. Research shows one in 5 workers is likely to experience an intellectual health difficulty every yr, and untreated mental fitness situations price Australian companies at a minimum of $10.Nine billion annually in absenteeism decreased productivity and reimbursement claims. This impressive information shows us that intellectual health is, without a doubt, essential monetary trouble for Australia.

Even greater critical than that, creating a mentally healthy place of work this is supportive and inclusive, embraces distinction, and does no longer discriminate or stigmatize, maybe a remember of lifestyles and demise. There is still so much to do to eliminate stigma and ensure people get the offerings they want.

Only 46, consistent with a cent of Australians with tension and despair, get the right to enter treatment, and we recognize that stigma is a primary contributing component in that reluctance. Combine that with a lack of gaining entry to services – particularly in rural and local areas – prices for professional offerings, ready lists, and navigating a complicated mental health device, cultural differences, is it any wonder such a lot of failing to search for the support they want?

No one must be missing out on the subject of intellectual health in 2017. No one ought to leave out-out mental health treatment due to where they stay, how great a deal of cash they earn, or for fear of what their neighbors or work colleagues might think.

Beyondblue believes that prevention and early intervention are essential steps in tearing down those barriers to assist searching for.

An enormous part of our work may be fostering resilience – helping Australians flex that essential muscle, and when they don’t feel up to it – to get the aid they want.

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