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Famous Landmarks to Visit in Shanghai



Shanghai is a city that has been shaped by history. The city was founded as the French Concession, which was later renamed the International Settlement. It was then annexed by China in 1949 and became part of the People’s Republic of China in 1955. Today, it is one of the world’s most important financial centers. Today Shanghai is considered an international metropolis with more than 20 million residents. Shanghai is divided into five districts: Hongkou District, Pudong New Area, Lujiazui, Jing’an, and Xuhui. Each district has its unique characteristics. For example, Hongkou District is known for its traditional Chinese culture, while Pudong New Area is home to some of the tallest skyscrapers globally. The following are some of the topmost famous landmarks to visit in Shanghai, Which includes

*The Bund

This is the main artery of Shanghai and runs along the Huangpu River from east to west. This area also houses many of the best hotels in Shanghai. The term “bund” refers to the embankment or levee that separates the river from the land. This is the major landmark of Shanghai. The Bund is located at the eastern end of the Huangpu River. It is bordered by Suzhou Creek to the north and the Yangzi River to the south. The Bund’s western end lies at the mouth of Suzhou Creek, where it meets the Huangpu River. The Bund consists of three parts: the East Bund, Middle Bund, and West Bund. The East Bund is the oldest part of the Bund and is mostly occupied by luxury high-rise condominiums. The Middle Bund contains office towers and commercial buildings. The West Bund is the newest part of the Bund and is mainly occupied by luxury hotels.

*The Oriental Pearl Tower

It is the second-highest building in Shanghai after the Jinmao Tower. At 1,398 feet, the Oriental Pearl Tower stands taller than the spire of St. Paul’s Cathedral in London. Standing at the heart of the city’s financial district, the tower offers unrivaled views of the historic Bund and the surrounding waters. While at the Oriental Pearl Tower, you can enjoy fine dining at restaurants like Le Bistro Francais and dine at one of the highest rooftop bars in the world.

*People’s Square

People’s SquareSquare is situated near the Bund and marks the southern boundary of the old town. It covers an area of about 100,000 square meters. Beautiful gardens and trees surround people’s SquareSquare. In the center of the SquareSquare stands the Monument to the People’s Heroes. It is a memorial to the Communist Party of China. Nearby attractions include the former British Consulate and the Old Court House.

*Former French Concession

The Former French Concession occupies the northern portion of today’s Pudong New Area. It used to be a separate settlement before being absorbed by Shanghai proper. There are still remnants of the French Concession architecture, including cobblestone streets and stone villas. Many of these buildings have been converted into shops, art galleries, and cafes. The most interesting thing about this place is that it is so close to the Bund but feels like a completely different world. After visiting here, I would recommend taking a walk along the banks of the Huangpu River. This will give you a chance to see another side of Shanghai.

*The Jade Buddha Temple

Jade Buddha Temple is located in the Fengxian area of Shanghai. It is dedicated to Guanyin, Goddess of Mercy. Inside the temple, there are thousands of statues depicting Guanyin in various poses. Outside the temple grounds, there are two large halls built with pure white marble. These halls contain hundreds of smaller statues of Guanyin. This temple features a lot of history because it was founded in 652 AD. For instance, the statue of the goddess inside the temple dates back to 652AD. The temple has had its share of damage throughout its history. In 1795, during the Qing dynasty, the temple was destroyed by fire. However, it was rebuilt within a few years. During WWII, when Shanghai fell to the Japanese, they vandalized the temple and defaced many statues. Fortunately, all of the original artwork was preserved.

*Hangzhou Street

Hangzhou Street is a street located in Xintiandi in Shanghai. It is known for shopping at chic boutiques and upscale malls. Many fancy watch and jewelry stores, clothing boutiques, tea salons, art galleries, and even a barbershop. There are plenty of places to eat too. You’ll find everything from Italian cuisine to Chinese food. Several museums are worth checking out, such as the Shanghai Museum, Shanghai Natural History Museum, and Shanghai ArtMuseum.When in this area, You will notice many people walking around with their dogs. They do not seem to mind if you take pictures or not. So go ahead! If you want to pet them, make sure you pay first.

*Yuyuan garden

This is another landmark in Shanghai and one of the largest gardens in the city. Located in the south of the old town, Yuyuan Garden spreads across 30,000 square meters of land. At any time of year, it is a great place to escape the hustle and bustle of Shanghai. The garden contains rolling lawns, lakes, temples, pagodas, bridges, and flowers. Visitors can stroll among the ponds, gaze up at the towering trees, climb the pagoda steps, wander through ancient cypress groves, or sit down for a rest.

*Shanghai World Financial Center

This is the tallest building in the world. Its height exceeds that of the spire of the Sydney Opera House. SWFC sits atop 1,614,400 square meters of real estate. It houses numerous unique restaurants and luxury retail shops. A ride in the viewing deck of the uppermost floor provides an amazing view of both Shanghai and the surrounding countryside. It is a landmark that cannot be missed.

*St. Ignatius Cathedral

This church is famous for its Western design. When looking at the cathedral’s front, there is a golden figure of Christ above the main entrance. Below the entrance, there is a mosaic tile work entitled “Christus Patients,” which translates to English as “Christ Bearing Burden.” The artist who designed this piece is considered a pioneer in modern-day Chinese sculpture.

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