How to Make an Eye-Catching Website from Scratch


No coding, no jargon. Just an honest recommendation on building an attention-grabbing website from scratch without necessarily having tons of coding competencies.

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Creating your own internet site would possibly sense like a frightening mission, but it is a less complicated World Scoop than you suspect. You actually do not need to spend hundreds on a developer or designer.

Of direction, there are numerous exclusive ways to head about this venture, but for now, we will cowl one in every one of them to hit all of the commands in the element. If you comply with a simple, step-by-step process, you can be up-and-strolling in less than an hour.


Before we get commenced, there are some terms we need to understand. We’ll be the usage of the lots.

Web host – Think of building your website like building a residence. Before you construct, you have to shop for a plot of land. A web host is the plot of land where you’ll construct the internet site.
Domain name – This is the deal with of your website: www. Your-internet site.Com.
WordPress – WordPress is a website-builder we’ll get the awareness of for this tutorial. It’s the software that lets you choose a design and hold your website updated. There are different alternatives available, like Wix or Tumblr if you want a totally basic blog. However, WordPress is broadly used and dependable, with plenty of options for personalisation.

Step 1: Set up Your Web Host

There are hundreds of web hosts accessible to select from, but a few are better than others. Remember, this is the muse of your internet site. You’re searching for something strong and dependable.

A correct net host is likewise important for pace. No one needs a slow internet site, and speed starts along with your host.

If you are simply starting, you have actual options. First, you may take what WordPress will give you free of charge. However, this may restrict you in a few methods—your website’s cope with maybe at youraddress.Wordpress.Com (until you pay to improve), and also you might not have access to a few other advanced functions. If you don’t mind that, create an account at WordPress.Com and skip to Step four.

Otherwise, you may want something less costly and effective for your net host. I use Inmotion Hosting, so I’ll use that to demonstrate the following couple of steps.

A content control gadget (CMS) is a platform that handles most of the technical factors of building an internet site, allowing non-builders to upload and manage content without problems. In standard, CMS platforms fall into two general sorts: robust, customizable programs like WordPress and Drupal and more streamlined, drag-and-drop options like Squarespace and Wix. Every CMS has its very own quirks, benefits, and unique capabilities. Which one you select should depend upon the sort of internet site your agency is attempting to create.

In this newsletter, we’ll compare top internet site building structures, WordPress and Wix, that will help you decide which one is first-rate for you.

About WordPress and Wix

Used through extra than 60 million websites around the arena, WordPress is an open-source platform for net publishing and the maximum extensively used CMS obtainable. WordPress is known for its flexibility: It’s what makes it suitable each for non-public blogs and important guides and information outlets like the BBC, The New Yorker, and more. WordPress users can access thousands of custom topics, plugins, and widgets constructed through the WordPress community to permit just about every form of functionality. Those with coding experience can also get beneath WordPress hood and add almost any function they select.

Wix is a more modern entrant into the Internet publishing industry. Built around a massive variety of customizable templates and a drag-and-drop interface, Wix is designed to assist non-developers in quickly construct a useful website.

A Quick Note: WordPress.Org vs. WordPress.Com

There are sincerely two exceptional websites/services that normally pass by WordPress. WordPress.Org is a website that allows you to download the WordPress CMS at no cost. WordPress.Com is a commercial web page that offers fundamental hosting and upkeep using the WordPress platform. Unless in any other case cited, while we are saying “WordPress,” we’re relating to the WordPress platform, to be had on WordPress.Org.

Set-Up and Learning Curve

When you sign on with Wix, you’re provided with a sequence of questions that manual you via the set-up process. These questions cover the cause of your website (Is it a web portfolio? A wedding ceremony website? A weblog?) in addition to key features you might want (like discussion boards, subscription plans, or a booking device). Wix has a proprietary characteristic referred to as Advanced Design Intelligence (ADI) that mechanically assembles the first draft of your website. For human beings with no design or programming experience, this may be a useful function. From there, it’s clean to personalize the template with Wix’s drag-and-drop interface. Wix also handles logistical concerns like web hosting and domain registration, so users must not fear approximately maintaining a domain. (Note: Wix domains are free, however custom domain names cost more.)

You’ll need to download and set up the WordPress platform from WordPress.Org to get started with WordPress. (If you haven’t already, you’ll additionally want to install a web hosting service and domain call for your website until you go with WordPress.Com) Once you’ve got the platform mounted, it’s time to select and install your theme. This may be the most time-eating part of the installation technique, as you’ll likely want to spend a while comparing the various layouts and functionalities provided by each subject matter. One aspect of being aware of: Support for character themes depends on the writer. You may additionally need to check the aid and documentation provided before you devote.

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