How to Start a Basic Beauty Blog With Blogger for Free


Do you love makeup or fashion? Are you captivated by clothing and new looks? Why not start your very own beauty blog? This is a straight-to-the-point, no-nonsense, step-by-step novice’s guide to beginning your first beauty weblog without spending a dime or at little to no cost.

Step 1: Opening an account with My General Blogger(dot)com

You could put up your blogs in many places, like Facebook or WordPress. But all have a website sense, and some require you to purchase web hosting. Blogger has loads of nifty functions, and you can avail of their service free of charge. So, let’s begin with Blogger.

– Visit Blogger.Com

– Sign in with your Google account

– Enter a show name

– Accept Blogger’s TOS (phrases of service)

– Click on “Create a weblog.”

Now it’s time to select a URL (in any other case, called a web address). You can choose a URL with key phrases together with “makeup”, “eye-shadow,” and “splendor,” or you can use your call or username like “MichellePhan” or “M-Phan-Beauty”. User names may additionally be healthy for your persona, even as key phrases might assist you in ranking faster on search engines (i.e., Google).

Go ahead and pick out one of the blog templates from the options that Blogger gives you; however, remember that the design will be temporary if you choose to improve your blog later.

Step 2: Filling in the information

– Fill out your non-public profile

– Add a “Join my website” widget by going to Blogger.Com -> Click on your weblog ->Click on layout -> Click on “Add Gadget” -> Click on Followers -> Click “Save”


– Add a “Follow by Email” widget by following the steps without delay above.

Cebu-Fashion-Bloggers-Makeup-Workshop-Makeup-Artists-Cebu.jpg (1067×1600)

– Add a “Blog Archive” by following the stairs above.

You now have your very first beauty blog in its most basic shape. Congratulations!


When you sign up for Blogger, you get a Blogspot domain name by default. This may make it harder for your weblog to rank nicely in search engines like Google, and it doesn’t appear as exact as “custom domain names”. YourWebAddress(dot)com is an excellent instance of a customs area at the same time as your web address(dot)blogspot. Com is along the strains of what Blogger offers free of charge.

Does a new blogger need to know how to use HTML? The answer: Yes. Suppose he has a design in mind and wants to tweak his site; what formatting tools will he use? How will the writer create that lasting first impression for his site? The solution always points to how he understands and uses his HTML knowledge. HTML is elementary to learn, especially for starting bloggers. It doesn’t require any software, and it is beneficial. Unless the new Blogger is into web design and development, he must extensively study HTML and other more advanced markup languages. A new blogger only needs to know the basics and the most commonly used tags to modify and improve his web page.

Blogger permits contributors to use custom domains, i.e., their web address(dot)com, without procuring web hosting.

Visit GoDaddy.Com to shop for a custom area name, or call their 1-480-505-8877 hotline if you live inside the United States. They have fantastic customer service, may answer your questions, and are online 24 hours an afternoon, seven days a week. Be sure to search for promo codes through Google in case you need to shop for and check in your domain without having to pay a complete fee.

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