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You have the expertise, however, you are not the use of that expertise. If you are not sure what to apply that talent for, you want to look past the door and see what is available because you have some thing the world desires. For instance, you’re the probable first rate at designing templates for MySpace, for forums, and for web sites. You may even layout them for blog websites including WordPress or Blogger. But you haven’t capitalized on that. Why?

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Well, it’s now not too past due. You can make cash designing templates with no problem in any respect.

Simply create your Icas Network self a website and put up display screen photographs of your template designs. Because many human beings cannot create their very own, they’re willing to spend a quite penny to have the suitable design for his or her website. When they see it, they recognize that it is theirs, so they are going to buy it.

You can develop templates for all of the special web sites available. As said earlier than, you may create templates for the social networking web sites and the blog web sites which might be available. There are lots of forums along with Envision that templates are needed. You can create business templates, fun templates, and so much greater. There is always a person needing a template for some kind of area of interest.

So take this expertise and use it. Don’t permit it to go to waste. You have a whole lot of ability in your arms and that capacity will assist you’re making the cash that you deserve. You are giving the people what they need and you are giving them what they need to have a hit internet site.



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Every new webmaster desires to know what’s the easiest manner to starting a blog. Most humans are burdened while analyzing the fees and benefits of weblog systems like Blogger or WordPress. This article explains why WordPress might be our recommendation and how it has a clear edge over Blogger.

Open Source

WordPress is an open source platform. Blogger is a proprietary service of Google, similar to Gmail. The ultimate control lies with Google and Google may disconnect Blogger or discontinue the carrier at any time. We would simply be extra relaxed with WordPress, especially if the blog is for a business. It offers us the extra truth and less dependent debt on others.


Blogger is hosted free of charge by way of Google, hence you do no longer need to shop for your own web hosting area. WordPress.Com also offers the same service, in which your WordPress website online is hosted on WordPress.Com servers without cost. But an essential element about WordPress is that it is also to be had for self-web hosting. This way that you can advantage from all the features of WordPress, without being dependent on every other website hosting server. You can pick your very own web hosting provider and deploy WordPress instantly.


Blogger isn’t always clear in citing the gap limits, subsequently from an excellent guess we can expect that there is no limit on textual content. However, pix are confined up to 1 GB simplest. Thereafter the Blogger terms point out:

“Number of Pictures: Up to 1 GB of total storage, shared with Picasa Web. If you’ve upgraded to Google+, your pix can be stored in Google+ Photos, in which you have got 15GB of storage space shared with Gmail and Drive.”

This approach that you also are depending on Google+ and need to have a Google+ account additionally for growing garage space. This might not be very pleasing to individuals averse to social networking platforms. WordPress has no such regarded limits and is depending on the website hosting resources which you pick I.E. Bandwidth, disk space and so forth.


The primary advantage of WordPress is that it’s miles Open Source. The Open Source nature of WordPress allows it to be included with diverse plugins, extensions and templates created, maintained and managed by way of the open supply network. While the downside of this system consists of inconsistency and unreliability, the professionals outweigh the cons. Further, blogger does no longer permit FTP access, however, a self-hosted WordPress website allows you to have complete get right of entry to every file on your blog’s backend.

To sum it up, Blogger may additionally get you better rankings on Google due to it being a Google-owned service, but, WordPress lets you extra flexibility and a greater expert running a blog experience. You can also want to weigh the pros and cons of both structures and analyze which alternative fits your budget and resources.

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