The Definitive List of WordPress Theme Frameworks


Introduction to WordPress Theme Frameworks
I become sitting in my office, scratching my head, considering WordPress subject frameworks. It is past due. I’ve been gaining knowledge of this newsletter for days, weeks, even months and wondering what to jot down that is exclusive and particular to the opposite writing patterns about frameworks.

Lost in my thoughts, I had a Work Reveal brain wave. It came about to me that when human beings write about WordPress frameworks, they generally tend to cover only the main ones, you know… those that the developers in your local WordPress Meetup network specialize in. Frameworks like Genesis, Thesis, or WooCommerce.

Why is that? Maybe they didn’t appear tough enough, or maybe they didn’t need to put in writing about frameworks that might simply die-off (or are now not advanced). Or maybe that they had a good cut-off date and defaulted to the pinnacle ranking ones from the engines like google. Who knows?

I want to be distinctive! Yeah, that’s proper; take a seat, returned, seize an espresso. I’m going to take you via a Definitive Guide to WordPress Frameworks.

Why definitive? Definitive by way of definition approach “completed or reached decisively and with authority. Synonyms: conclusive, final, final”.

I’m now not going to stop at one, two, or maybe ten frameworks. As I said, I’ve been gaining knowledge of this for a while. The listing is huge. There are pretty a few right here that lots of you can or won’t have heard of. But that’s ok for the purpose of sharing and learning from every different. You may also find a framework right here that you want to contribute to or recommend one who’s no longer listed.

Are you geared up? Here we go!

What Defines a Theme Framework or What Is a WordPress Theme Framework?
Before diving into the listing, I simply need to cover some historical past into theme frameworks. After all, this can be the primary article you’ve ever examine approximately topic frameworks, and I don’t need you to be neglected. If you’re a veteran of frameworks, you can skip down underneath to the lengthy listing of frameworks.


A subject matter framework is largely a Parent Theme. A development crew or man or woman developer could create to offer a few functionalities that could make it clean to replace and reuse on many sites without affecting the design of character websites.

A Child Theme could then be created to create the custom style sheet; however, the functionality might be left up to the main framework.

On a side note, this doesn’t imply that each parent subject is, in fact, a framework. There are template carriers out there that offer parent issues with many hundreds of infant topic variations, but then don’t use that equal code base on their next discern topic (they let you know it’s a framework, whilst technically it’s now not).

Genesis-Framework-StudioPress.png (1287×690)

Different Types of Theme Frameworks
Frameworks are available much paperwork and address exceptional components of enterprise and design. Some are loose, and some paid.

There are major frameworks that might be commonplace, within the truth that they don’t goal anyone unique niche however cowl extensive multifunctional aspects of any industry, assisting web designers and builders global wide provide superior websites with faster turnaround and build costs, by leveraging these code frameworks.

Some of those frameworks were constructed over many years with countless thousands of hours of development to construct out huge, extraordinarily properly documented, and supported frameworks.

Why Use a Framework?
It’s a great question, why use a WordPress framework?

While you may think that you can never actually need to build your very own framework, you can have already used a framework without really realizing it. Frameworks like Genesis and WooFramework, Thesis, are now so commonplace that you could almost be forgiven (or at the least forgive a novice) that it changed into a part of WordPress middle.

Let’s take this situation. Noel Tock built websites for the hospitality enterprise area of interest. Building his very own framework was again to him, so he ought to deliver superb projects to his clients and continually upload price and optimize it for overall performance, without the bloat of other features that his customers will never want.

This helped him to speed up development and offer a greater long-lasting technique to his customers. Added advantages can save his crew aid and education time for the brand new body of workers and customers.

He had to bear in mind many advantages, like search engine marketing and development great exercise. But he had the benefit that he didn’t have to move and get a group of plugins to feature a whole lot of wanted gadgets like rich snippets, social feedback, and cellular-first layout. As well as build email lead era bureaucracy and so on.

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