Top Apps To Download When You’re Looking To Enjoy NFL Games


Fans and supporters are never short of action regarding where they can tune in to watch their NFL games. With games airing on platforms like ESPN, NBC, Fox, and CBS, the NFL can have four broadcast contracts with the leading companies: The Walt Disney Company/Hearst Communications, NBCUniversal, Fox Corporation, and Paramount Global, respectively, that are responsible for controlling a combined majority of the television product in the country. 

Everyone will prefer where they would like their favorite NFL games to be broadcast; however, a certain level of convenience comes with having all the fun and entertainment you need on your mobile device. Like choosing to bet on the Super Bowl, going the migratory route allows users to enjoy benefits centered around finding a time-saving and user-friendly platform that offers a personalized experience with instant updates and notifications on any of your preferences. 

That said, choosing to enjoy your NFL games by having them broadcast on your mobile device can have some fantastic benefits. Therefore, in this article, we’ll look at the top two apps you should download the next time you want to tune in on the action while on the go, whether you’re an Android or iOS user.  

Your Top Two Apps

1. NFL Network

NFL Network - Apps on Google Play

Fans and supporters living in the US now have access to exclusive NFL RedZone and NFL Network programming. With a smartphone, connected device, or tablet, you can easily watch your favorite NFL games live by simply creating a subscription with the platform to an available participating cable provider.

Live streaming of NFL RedZone during the regular season is every Sunday when you’re an eligible subscriber to the platform. Live streaming of NFL RedZone during the regular season is every Sunday when you’re an eligible subscriber to the platform. Here, users have loads to look forward to since the app comes with live streaming access to everything regarding NFL highlights, news, and shows that also include:

  • Thursday Night Football Games will be broadcast to you live.
  • Comprehensive coverage of each NFL event that takes place like the NFL Scouting Combine, NFL Training Camp, Free Agency, and NFL Draft
  • NFL Network shows include NFL GameDay, NFL Total Access, Good Morning Football, and A Football Life.
  • An Emmy award-winning and original series from NFL Films

With so much to look forward to in using the NFL Network app, it’s worth noting that accessing the NFL RedZone will require a programming package you must have with your provider. Also, to tune in to any games and fully access the app’s features, you need to be connected to an internet connection when downloading and using the app. 

So, similar to how bettors would need to be online to get their hands on the most recent Super Bowl odds, the same applies to using this app. In addition to all that’s been said, users have access to all preseason games that are either re-aired or live.

2. NFL OnePass

Tanj | App Naming Project - OnePass

With the NFL OnePass app, you have exclusive access to each NFL event, providing users with the excitement and thrill they need just before their favorite NFL game is broadcast. Plus, you can use the app anytime in the year to participate in activities and games relating to every NFL event taking place at the time. Here, you can download the app before any NFL event or register to get in on all the action. Here, you can download the app before any NFL event or register to get in on all the action. 

After registering with the platform, you’ll receive a QR code to check in to activities, phones, and videos, and even collect badges. Fans can also explore some of the best interactive maps to search through any schedule and stay in the loop on everything happening. 

The app has lots to offer in attractions and events since users can explore these at various NFL events, including NFL SHOP, player signings and appearances, and interactive games. Plus, you have the virtual assistant, Vince, who happens to be the NFL’s virtual concierge, where you can ask him as many questions as you want regarding any NFL event while staying in touch with real-time notifications. 

So, like taking advantage of the Super Bowl lines right before a bet, you’re truly in for a fun and rewarding experience.

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