Mysterious Disappearances – Other Dimensions


Is our international certainly 3-dimensional? Or are there portals that spiral us unwillingly into other dimensions?

Reports of people disappearing in view of witnesses are global; one of the most noted is that of Orion Williamson.

July 1854, newspapers everywhere in the USA pronounced, ‘A Man Has Vanished In Thin Air’. This alarming headline changed into written after tremendous searches had been done for Orion Williamson after he disappeared at his Selma, Alabama farm incomplete view of 4 witnesses.

Williamson has been playing a leisurely wreck from his work inside the fields and turned into smoking a cigar at the veranda of his home. His spouse and baby have been via his aspect as they all observed the slaves running on a subject over the road from their land. Suddenly he remembered that he had to pass on a message to the overseer of the slaves. He became to his wife and stated, ‘I forgot to inform Andrew about the horses.’

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His wife and child watched as Williamson walked throughout the garden, which stretched some fifty yards in advance.


Williamson became seen choosing a flower before crossing the road and getting into the pasture, which caused an additional area where the slaves have been operating.

During this time, a neighbor of Williamson’s, Armour Wren, changed into driving in his buggy along the street with his son James at his side. James talked about Williamson to his father, but just as this passed off, one of the horses pulling the buggy stumbled, and Armour Wren overpassed Williamson for some seconds. At that second, James cried out, ‘why the father, what has end up of Mr. Williamson?’ Mr. Wren seemed up and will not see Williamson. They all dashed to the spot where Williamson changed into seen to have disappeared. Williamson’s spouse ran, with her infant in her fingers, to sign up for them, crying out that he just disappeared. She changed into seemingly frantic and stored, repeating how should the sort of element take place.

News unfolded quickly to the town’s human beings, and some 3 hundred guys joined the search. However, the seek became futile; there was no sign of Orion Williamson.
A group of geologists had been delivered to search the sphere and dig it over, all in an try to ascertain if the floor beneath changed into in any way uncommon. Nothing became located.

Reporters and sightseers flocked to the spot, and the information unfolded over America.
During this time, Mrs. Willamson suffered a breakdown as she and her son heard Williamson’s ghostly cries coming from the sector…Till after some weeks, they have been heard not.

Once the matter entered the courthouse, it changed into decided that Mr. Williamson could simplest be stated as deceased, and his property was handled in line with regulation.

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