Why I’m a Laid-Back Blogger, Not a Pro Blogger


Whoa! Slow down, cowboy. I actually have reached a factor in my blogging journey wherein I experience a trade of tempo that might be simply the price ticket to kick off the New Year.

Relax, I’m gonna be more of a laid-returned blogger than going for walks round in circles. With 4 years plus of blogging behind me, I wager the blogging enjoyment has been worthwhile even though there have been rough rides and top instances.

I actually have come to understand that the Internet is evolving. It is continuously changing. What with Facebook and Twitter fans having an amazing shindig with social networking. And seek engine algorithms morphing to offer a new, and possibly, the better consumer enjoys the Internet.

It is something to stay up for. Huh?

Changes there will be as we usher in the New Year. And I’m willing to trust that the blogosphere is converting for the higher. So why am I feeling laid lower back and not planning to go with the brand new flow?

Yes, let me admit: On the surface, I need to cut down on my running blog activities. I want the time area to tackle different net initiatives it truly is trying to interrupt my brain cells. Of route, I’ll still be placing round but no longer so energetic as before.

Mama, don’t let your toddler develop up to be an A-listing blogger!

Three or 4 years ago, it was regarded just like the so-called A-listing bloggers were calling the shots in the areas of creating wealth and attracting many admirers and carpetbaggers. Lately, you began to see the emergence of a brand new breed of bloggers who are not so without difficulty drawn in by the air of secrecy of A-listers.


Since the remaining excellent Google PageRank slap fest years returned, people responded to a brand new wake-up call. It is as though the general public is now not blogging like drones and believing PageRank can turn them into the massive Page Design Hub kahunas of blogging.

There is a perception that the new breed of bloggers is making their presence felt. They appeared to be better ‘knowledgeable’ as bloggers, not without problems taken in by using sweet communication, gimmicks, advisory rehash, and “eye-sweet” weblog design.

Where blog site design is involved within a final couple of years, people display extra appreciation for minimalist subject matters. They are extra savvy in many regions of the running a blog experience.

And a number of the greater informed ones are more willing to help other less gifted bloggers to research the ‘art of running a blog’‘. If we hold to peer signs and symptoms of greater blogging cognizance and savvy amongst bloggers, then it must augur well for the future of blogging.

Hopefully, we’re going to see the memes and mimics recede into the mist of the blogosphere. And a great deal, a lot of clique bloggers. I bet I’m now searching for blogging from a new attitude. Whatever I understand right now may also turn out to be genuine or fake.

It may be just my intuition about the development of factors, but it isn’t always anything that I might lose sleep on. Firstly, I nonetheless consider myself a part-time blogger. Not a pro blogger. I like to weblog, but not like a crazed one.

Hey man, I’m cool! If I do make some moolah running a blog, that is fine with me. If I don’t, that is great with me, too. And I don’t see myself getting worried within the popularity stake.

If you find my blog a great study, thanks for the appreciation, and you are always welcome. I apprehend all of us can’t be equal in thoughts, body, and soul.

Are you continue to be alive and kicking?

Sometimes you can do too much and but achieve little for the efforts. Maybe you’ve got gone approximately it the wrong way. And once in a while, you don’t want to do that an awful lot, and still, your weblog keeps getting visitors and developing. But make sure you do submit some accurate articles now, after which. This is to permit people to recognize you are nevertheless alive and kicking! Out of sight, out of thoughts.

You do not take my phrase for it. Once you get around to analyzing other blogs, you could make your very own judgmental selection that are the best blogs to observe and pass the rest in case you suppose they are just noise and fluff.

Over and above, you need to do your very own research, gather know-how and broaden your own abilities to stand the running a blog assignment. But I could not advocate the beginners to comply with my laid-returned approach to running a blog. Ironic, is it not?

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Yes, not, but. When you’re beginning out as a freshie, you need to preserve your weblog engine running with everyday posts, mainly with your private weblog, until you have accomplished a first-rate search engine web page function with the proper keywords oneway links, and visitors. If you move the area of interest weblog way, you could preserve a greater informal pace and even create a few extra blogs besides.

I might not move into details here because a lot has been written somewhere else about the professionals and cons of niche blogs, social blogs, and others. The crux of all of it is which might be you organized to paintings in the direction of the following stage of running a blog before deciding to be a laid lower back blogger?

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