Sony Aino – Sony Ericsson’s PS3 Mobile Phone


The Sony Ericsson Aino is a cell designed around multimedia. The key feature of this new Sony mobile is that you can circulate content at once from anywhere on the Aino through the net. This is a slider cellphone filled with many appealing capabilities.

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When it comes to layout, the Aino is narrow and glossy. It appears compact and small when closed, but it turns clearly lengthy when you slide open the telephone. When completed, the Aino looks like some other contact cellphone; however, you spot an array of keys familiar to Sony Ericsson users when you slide it open. This is because the touch screen function works handiest within the media mode.

The cellphone’s rapid port is on the left facet, and the keys, which are valuable resources in adjusting extent ranges and zoom, are correct. At the bottom, there’s a microphone pinhole and loudspeaker. The camera and LED flash are also on the bottom.


The display is appealing, with a three-inch screen and sixteen million shade assist. The UI seems attractive, and if you are in the media mode, you can enjoy all the touch screen features, like specializing in an icon by pointing at it, being able to tug and drop gadgets through touch, and so forth. In actual fact, the media menu works most effectively through touch.

The Aino is well-matched with Play Station 3, so you can use it to govern your PS3 or browse its contents. You can also move content from your PS3 to your Aino. However, streaming content isn’t constrained to the PS3. The Aino’s MediaGo generation lets users get right to entry to their PCs via WiFi. This way, you can synchronize and move content from your PC to your Aino and vice versa.

The Aino’s MP3 is virtually good. It is simple to navigate, and the display has terrific graphical displays. As for sound, it’s miles of unsurpassed excellence. Unfortunately, you can not use your own headset on the Aino because there may be no 3. Five mm jack. You will need to use the earbuds furnished in conjunction with the cell. The Sony Ericsson Aino’s FM radio interface is touch-optimized and adequate.

The cellphone comes prepared with several software programs from Facebook, YouTube, and Google, but there is no app store.

The video and digicam characteristics are also touch-optimized. The Aino sports an eight-megapixel digicam with LED flash, face detection, smile detection, car focus, etc. Video streaming is also viable.

When it comes to connectivity, the Sony Ericsson Aino is genuinely on the leading edge. It supports both WiFi and DLNA. GPS and navigation software programs are likewise present, not to mention Bluetooth, GSM connectivity, and USB 2. Zero. The Sony Ericsson Aino uses Wayfinder Navigator; however, you could also use Google Maps three. Zero.

The Aino uses the NetFront 3.5 browser to provide users with trouble-free internet access. It has features like Flash-aid, bookmarks, downloads, favorites, etc.

In conclusion, the Sony Ericsson Aino combines the first-class contact display and ordinary slider telephones to give users a terrific experience.

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