Software-department leader leads refresh of venerable product


Alison Forsythe turned skeptical when an organization contacted her from the Netherlands at approximately a potential government function. Then she realized the function presented via Exact turned into the location of a lifetime: managing a legacy logo with a reliable supply in need of a refresh. In four years, the Exact Macola department has a new appearance, a startup feel, and an optimized product positioned three hundred sixty-five days after her arrival.

Software-department leader leads refresh of venerable product 1

Q: What is the history of the Macola software program?

A: Macola was founded in the early ’70s. Actually, in Marion, Ohio. We had been established as an ERP (business enterprise useful resource planning) software program enterprise. In its only form, it’s very state-of-the-art accounting and lower back-office software to run an employer’s enterprise. Considering the number of companies in a startup segment after they’re in a startup segment, they might start with a QuickBooks-type accounting bundle that manages their enterprise. As they grow and mature, they will migrate to the greater sophisticated software program. … (But) software’s hard. There’s quite a little competition in these days’ market — much more than there has been in the late ’80s and early ’90s. Macola’s records were we have been the chief within the market. After the Exact acquisition in 2001, there was expanded opposition inside the market from several exclusive companies and, like plenty of received agencies, we lost our way a touch bit, and so that’s why I became very thankful for the possibility to come again and re-set up our footing and reinvigorate the emblem and product.

Q: What became your experience being recruited by way of Exact?

A: My first interview changed into a Skype interview with our CEO of the maintaining Corporation (Exact), who’s within the Netherlands, and I said, ‘Look, I’m intrigued … However, it would help if you allowed me the autonomy to run the enterprise in how I want to run it. Macola has such exquisite emblem recognition inside the Americas market; however, Exact does now not. Please permit me the opportunity to reinvigorate the emblem the way I suppose it needs to be executed so that it will accelerate this business.’ Kind of the rest is history. My boss has held genuine to his word and has permitted me to reinvigorate the brand.


A: My activity, once I came in four years ago, became to reinvigorate, now not best the logo — due to the fact Macola had this kind of legacy records right here within the Ohio market — however additionally, ‘How do I reinvigorate the emblem and the product at the identical time in this day and age of such a lot of startups?’ One of the matters I truly targeted once I started became the product and how I convey a new subculture of developers to the company.

Q: What became your vision for the Macola software program emblem?

A: I surely desired to be considered this cool ‘startup,’ and I desired to draw talent in the nearby market so college students coming out of OSU didn’t always need to visit Silicon Valley (they may work here).

Q: How have you ever ensured the product stays truthful but innovative?

A: These days, we announced Macola Labs, our innovation group that’s part of our improvement enterprise here in Columbus. We’re checking out new technology like facial reputation, and several things are popping out of that, which is a good way to finally make it into the code.

Q: What makes you pleased with the Macola division?

A: We’ve come a long way if I look at where we were four years ago, with no product launched in ten years, to releasing our first new product in my first year here, to the result of Macola Labs and getting concerned in the network. It’s been a huge transformation.

Cray has introduced a new suite of big information and artificial intelligence (AI) software called Erika-XC for its finest XC Series of supercomputers. Erika-XC is a set of analytics software programs to allow XC customers to use Apache Spark, Intel’s BigDL deep getting to know the library, Cray’s Urika graph analytics engine, and a collection of Python-based facts technological know-how equipment.

With the Urika-XC software program suite, analytics and AI workloads can run alongside medical modeling and simulations on Cray XC supercomputers, removing the want to move data among structures. Cray XC customers may be capable of running converged analytics and simulation workloads across various medical and business endeavors, consisting of actual-time climate forecasting, predictive protection, precision medicine, and comprehensive fraud detection.

Erika-XC is the contemporary inside the Urika line of massive data analytics services. Cray first offered Erika-GD, which targeted graph analytics. Then it shipped Erika-XA, which became targeted on Hadoop after getting here Erika-GX, combined with graphical analytics, Hadoop, and Spark.

So, similarly to the prevailing methodologies, Erika-XC software brings Deng knowledge and the Python-based Desk records science library into the answer, along with the R language, Anaconda, and Maven.

Large amounts of records, rapid analytic outcomes

Intel’s BigDL framework in location permits users to convey the strength of deep gaining knowledge of frameworks, consisting of TensorFlow and Caffe, in opposition to huge amounts of unstructured statistics. The Urika graph engine, meanwhile, grants extremely speedy analytic results for extra refined and structured facts.

One of the first customers of the Urika-XC software is the Swiss National Supercomputing Centre (CSCS) in Lugano, Switzerland. The center has the 1/3-fastest supercomputer inside the international: a Cray XC supercomputer with 361,000 Xeon cores, nick-named “Piz Daint.”

“We have been very fortunate to participate with our Cray supercomputer Piz Daint inside the early assessment section of the Cray Erika-XC surroundings,” stated Prof. Dr. Thomas C. Schulthess, director of the Swiss National Supercomputing Centre (CSCS), in a declaration. “Initial overall performance outcomes and scaling experiments using a subset of programs, along with Apache Spark and Python, had been encouraging. We continue exploring destiny extensions of the Cray Erika-XC analytics software program suite.”

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