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Microsoft Update – five Reasons to Update Service Pack 2


Microsoft launched Service Pack 2 (SP2) for the Windows XP working machine lower back in August (2004), representing giant enhancements in many regions, especially machine safety. For those humans that are still uncertain whether or not they should update to it, the subsequent five reasons may additionally assist make the decision less complicated.

1. Protects Against Unsafe Attachments / Downloads

Service Pack 2 affords Windows XP with a “Windows Security Center”, and other key tools, to assist guard the consumer’s gadget from risky attachments and downloads. This type of protection is one step to prevent viruses and Trojans from slipping onto a person’s gadget and wreaking the kind of havoc that has come to be an growing problem in latest years.

One way it does this is through warnings in Internet Explorer’s “Information Bar”, which alerts a user to probably unsafe downloads. The suspect content is blocked automatically, and no action is taken till the person manually addresses the warning. Unsafe report attachments are actually additionally blocked in a similar manner through Internet Explorer and Outlook Express, for that reason protecting now not simplest internet based content material, however, additionally objects acquired through e-mail.

Another manner it protects from dangerous documents is by means of monitoring the device’s anti-virus software program and alerting the person if the machine is at the chance because of the software being out of date. Although Microsoft does now not offer any virus protection themselves, this feature makes positive that whatever program the consumer has decided to apply remains contemporary and as powerful as feasible.

2. Windows Firewall

A software based firewall is protected with Service Pack 2, supposed to defend the machine from getting entry to by means of unauthorized individuals at the net or local community. The firewall is activated robotically with the aid of Windows, but users have the choice to disable it, in addition to to create exceptions to bypass the safety in certain conditions.

When utilized, the protection is active from startup to shutdown, offering a simple firewall solution to any PC with SP2 established. Small pop up fashion windows is generated to alert the user of possible attempts to get admission to the gadget from the outdoor, in addition to when applications try to exit onto the internet. These pop u.S.A.Are approved/denied by using the consumer before anything is allowed to happen, and can be achieved in order that a pop-up will seem again next time this event happens, or in order that the pop up will in no way appear once more for that unique event.



Many customers with broadband internet connections have a hardware firewall in their router, but a software firewall which includes that is nonetheless a great concept. It can protect where the hardware firewall cannot, and is particularly beneficial in stopping the machine from launching any assaults from Trojans which could have slipped in.

Three. Internet Pop Up Blocker

With Service Pack 2, Internet Explorer now capabilities an included pop-up blocker to assist reduce if now not completely put off, the presence of those nuisance advertisements. Configurable from Internet Explorer’s “Tools” tab, customers can customize their options or even flip the pop-up blocker off. Considering maximum pop up blockers require a special toolbar or different utility be mounted, this one is extraordinarily convenient and clean to use.

Four. Increased Privacy Protection

Your privacy is protected extra so than ever with Service Pack 2 in some exclusive ways. If gadgets 1, 2, and 3 above weren’t enough, there may be greater… For instance, Windows XP with SP2 now applies protection settings to further protect your PC and your personal records from making the most via Internet Explorer.

Another way your privacy is protected is by way of Outlook Express blocking off pics within e-mails that allow spammers to validate your address. Spammers use snap shots which are tagged with specific bits of code, and once the URL of the photo despatched to you is viewed, the spammers realize that they have a legitimate deal with, which makes that address greater susceptible to future spam.

5. Simplified Wireless Networking

The reputation of wireless networking has exploded because the hardware has turning into more and more simpler to function and comparatively cheaper. Now the manner a person connects their machine to a wi-fi community has been greatly simplified through enhancements found in SP2. The “Wireless Network Setup Wizard” will lead a consumer of any expertise via the installation technique, and the “Microsoft Broadband Network Utility” will assist them reveal and preserve the community simply as easily. Application of safety settings is glaringly a prime element of those enhancements, insuring that the user’s system is blanketed from this perspective of attack as well.

Final Words

microsoft-explains-why-it-released-a-windows-7-service-pack-2-wannabe-504316-2.jpg (1440×900)

The launch of Service Pack 2 for Windows XP brought approximately many extra adjustments to the operating device than the 5 listed above, all of which should be seen as welcome improvements. With a focal point on shielding the stop user’s computer system and records, there are enough top motives to influence a consumer to take the plunge and let Windows Update installation SP2.

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