JNS.Org – The software program massive Microsoft has acquired the Israeli computer company Cloudyn for an anticipated $50-$70 million, barely decrease than the original estimates whilst Israel Hayom first said the planned acquisition in April.

RDC, an investment company co-owned by the Elron and Rafael agencies, invested in Cloud in its early tiers and is anticipated to get hold of more than $17 million from the Microsoft deal. According to a word Elron sent to traders, this accommodates a net return at the funding of about $6 million.

Cloudyn provides automated cloud tracking, analytics, and optimization services. Ari Bronshtein, a director of RDC and CEO of Elron, said Thursday he is “proud of [Cloudyn] and its achievement. We invested in the business enterprise at its founding degrees with three marketers and a plan due to the fact we believed in them, inside the idea, and its ability to help.”

“One of Cloudyn’s precise features is the reality that the employer espoused employment variety, and this is a fantastic example of how to put in force variety employment in Israeli excessive-tech,” he stated.

The Cloudy deal comes several months after Intel received Mobileye for $15 billion in the largest-ever acquisition of an Israeli technology enterprise.



This month’s silly patent, like many silly patents earlier than it, simply claims the concept of using a computer for fundamental calculations. U.S. Patent No. 6,817,863 (the ’863 patent) is titled “Computer software, technique, and machine for monitoring vitamins content of consumables and for facilitating menu planning.” It claims the technique of the usage of a computer to music nutrients information like calorie or vitamin intake. It is hard to think of an extra primary and trivial use for a PC.

The ’863 patent is owned by means of a patent troll referred to as Dynamic Nutrition Information, LLC. Dynamic Nutrition filed a lawsuit this month in the Eastern District of Texas accusing Australian business enterprise Fatsecret of infringing the ’863 patent. Dynamic Nutrition had filed four different proceedings. Consistent with a sample of nuisance litigation, each of those in advance fits settled in no time.

What “invention” does the ’863 patent purport to cowl? Claim 1 of the patent is reproduced in complete underneath (with feedback in brackets):

A laptop application comprising a aggregate of code segments stored in a PC-readable memory and executable by a processor to provide nutrition content material facts associated with consumables, the PC application comprising:

a code section operable to receive and save an enter associated with consumption of consumables, and to companion the input with a calender [sic] date [i.E. Program a computer to track daily food intake]; and

a code segment operable to generate an interactive display display, wherein the interactive show screen includes— [i.E. Include some kind of user interface]

one or more lists of consumables and related nutrients content records, and [i.E. List food options and nutrition information]

a summary phase of past consumption of consumables. [i.E. List past food intake]

In different words, application a laptop to assist humans hold track of food and calorie or vitamin intake.

The software for Dynamic Nutrition’s patent became filed on June eleven, 2001. By that time, computer systems had been around for decades and there was not anything remotely sudden or modern approximately programing a PC to keep the song of statistics—whether or not it’s nutrition information or devices shipped or bills receivable or some thing. Nevertheless, the Patent Office takes an exceedingly inflexible method to whether or not a patent application is apparent. This way that companies often get patents on common experience ideas (like taking pix against white heritage or filming a yoga magnificence).

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