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Apple: Send us your content in our special format and we’ll make it available in Apple News and extra human beings will examine it and be satisfied together with your brand… wink wink.

Google: Link up this JavaScript Tessla library and layout your content material in this unique way, and we’ll hook you up in seek outcomes… wink wink.

Facebook: Format your content material in our unique manner and ship it over and it’s going to load excellent speedy and those will like it and be happy together with your emblem… wink wink.

Me: Hey, anything you want. As lengthy as…

It’s no longer very many paintings
The content material’s canonical home is my internet site
I just want human beings to read and prefer CSS-Tricks. Ideally, I can monetize on (suitable, curated) subsidized content that makes its way to a lot of these channels besides.


There is a WordPress Plugin: Publish to Apple News. It formats your content material routinely into the “Apple News Format” (that’s truely JSON!).

But so that it will honestly submit that JSON to Apple News, you’ll want to sign on as a News Publisher. It’ll possibly take a little time to get authorized, however, I believe any midway respectable weblog might be. I’ve visible some pretty garbagey stuff on Apple News so I don’t think the requirements are very high. I assume it took about a week for CSS-Tricks.

Once you’re authorized, you manage everything via the iCloud website. You can add team individuals, add branding snap shots, set up the advertising and marketing, see analytics, and things like that.

ia-sdk-blog-post.png (1444×714)

This settings place also gives an awesome amount of manipulating over the design of the page. Fonts, hues, spacing, advertisements, and many others. Once you have the plugin configured and you’ve posted a few articles, you’ll see them within the Apple News dashboard within the WordPress admin.



Sometimes I get the mistake There have been errors with the API. Please make certain your API settings are correct and try again: INVALID_DOCUMENT, INVALID_DOCUMENT and it’s no longer entirely clear why. Sometimes I even get a blunder approximately my API key that makes even less sense. That article just doesn’t visit Apple News.

I’d like to have the ones become some thing like <p style=”white-space: pre; font-family: mono-space;”> and <span style=”font-family: mono-space;”> respectively (assuming that’s allowed), but I’m not pretty positive a way to go about that in a smart way that isn’t changing the core plugin.

As a quite area of interest site, I don’t see a heck of a lot of target market for CSS-Tricks on Apple News. The beyond month suggests <three hundred unique viewers and <800 total perspectives. I believe a massive time writer that could be a default desire while putting in Apple News does pretty properly. I recognize I like studying massive websites thru Apple News.

I guess that makes me experience better about the truth that I haven’t been capable of figure out the way to permit advertising and marketing yet. Every time I try and do “Step 1” that’s “Enable iTunes Connect” it fails and takes me to the iTunes Connect podcast region with out a mistakes or facts approximately what befell.

There isn’t genuinely a validator for the Apple News format. Other than that the JSON desires to be legitimate of the path.

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