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DDN IME flash cache, SFA running system get updates


Version 1.1 of the DataDirect Networks Infinite Memory Engine (DDN IME) nonvolatile memory specific-primarily based flash cache and I/O processing device aid the present-day Intel Xeon Phi x86 processors — code-named Knights Landing — and forty Gigabit Ethernet and 100 GbE networking. IME already supported one hundred Gbps InfiniBand EDR and Intel’s Omni-Path Architecture. DDN IME is sold as software, or it is simply on equipment. DDN also improved the software to permit a cluster to deal with node failure nondisruptively, redistribute journaled information to the remaining nodes, and raise metadata and flash performance. IME brought help for consumer-configurable erasure code alternatives, offering protection in opposition to the failure of 1 or three drives or nodes. The DDN IME software has server and client additives and deploys before a document gadget or parallel record system. The IME purchaser intercepts I/O fragments and applies erasure coding, which offers the details to IME servers. The DDN IME servers manipulate the flash drive pool and internal metadata and arrange the I/O for premiere performance before synchronizing the facts with the back-quit report storage. RELATED ARTICLES : 

Laura Shepard, senior director of product advertising at DDN, which is based in Chatsworth, Calif., stated that the IME upgrades could assist clients who are increasing the amount of storage they set up for analytics and system learning packages.

“We’re working on availability at scale with erasure coding everywhere across the product line,” Shepard said. “Erasure coding is the fact that the safety of desire is on [DDN] IME and also on our [WOS] object storage. And now, we’re also adding it to our continual record gadget tier on our SFA product line.” Shepard stated that clustered RAID would permit the software-based sharing of parity facts bits across a large pool of drives compared to a small high-availability collection in traditional RAID. DDN will start with a guide for the equal of RAID 1, 5, and 6, and it will launch more fantastic alternatives later, she stated. “You could have a far decreased percentage of your standard potential committed to parity and still have a completely excessive degree of data protection,” Shepard stated of clustered RAID. “Plus, due to the fact parity may be disbursed extensively amongst a miles larger range of drives than in a conventional RAID [configuration], you could rebuild lots smaller bits from every drive, making the rebuilds lots quicker,” Shepard stated that DDN uses a way referred to as vertical rotation with its clustered RAID to mitigate latency. She said the system offsets writes from one drive to the following, so the force’s onboard cache isn’t always beaten. “The adaptive resilience capabilities without a doubt help them give up consumer tailor how performant they want their garage to be versus how a great deal redundancy they want constructed in,” said Addison Snell, CEO of Intersect360 Research in Sunnyvale, Calif. “That’s only a slider bar that human beings can music on their personal.” DDN additionally spotlighted its EXAScaler Enterprise Lustre Distribution and its work in the open supply Lustre community in the wake of Intel’s April statement that it might discontinue its commercially supported Lustre distribution. “They’re surely supporting [to] provide a touchdown area for the stewardship of excessive-performance Lustre for business enterprise in a supported way,” Snell said. He stated Intel provided the greatest commercially supported Lustre option, and DDN would offer “a haven” for excessive-performance computing users who “need an actual corporation it is backing and supplying guide and contributing lower back to the open supply network.”

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