Dakar Fashion Week Takes Style Back to the Streets


One of Dakar Fashion Week’s most extensive activities is loose and high-quit — a style display in a operating magnificence neighborhood. The event’s founder, Senegalese fashion designer Adama Paris, says the “Street Show” is her favorite show of the week because she gets to take style returned to the streets to which it belongs.

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Just throughout the street from where speedy-transferring public buses pause briefly to pick up passengers, Moussa Diouf traces up Nike, Adidas, and Puma shoes on a short cement wall. The wall sits on one facet of a makeshift catwalk inside the Diary Tally neighborhood of Dakar, Senegal.

Across the flashy degree, Nicole Coly sells vibrant fabrics through the meter in her small corner shop. Lace is one of every one of her top dealers right now, she says.

These style providers flank a big catwalk set up for the 15th annual Dakar Fashion Week’s “Street Show.” In addition to their conventional style shows in high-elegance inns, every 12 months, DFW holds a loose style show in a working magnificence community of Dakar.

“This display is my preferred show because we’re bringing fashion again to the streets,” says Paris, a fashion designer, and Dakar Fashion Week founder. “For the years coming, I need this show to come to be more famous as it’s crucial to inspire the younger people and come to this road with high style. Fashion is from the streets, so essentially what we’re doing is taking returned style where it belongs.”


Locals stimulated

This style week show is open to the general public, and eleven of the more than 30 designers from nine international locations are taking part to expose their new lines. A few meters far from the models rehearsing before the show, local tailor Al Hassan Diallo says he is looking forward to seeing new designs.

“I am very inspired due to the fact I see what’s new. I see something that I didn’t understand about before,” Diallo says.

The 25-yr-vintage tailor is simply wrapping up indeed one of his busiest seasons of the yr, some days after the stop-of-Ramadan events have quieted down.

Down the road from the tailor save, Ramatoulaye, a 21-year-vintage communications pupil, sits next to her grandmother wearing fashionable sunglasses.

“I adore what Adama Paris does,” she says of the Dakar Fashion Week founder and Senegalese designer. “She’s a celeb.”

Ramatoulaye’s friend, Marie Beyer, chimes in: “She could have selected a pleasing resort (for this style display), but she loves her u. S . A ..”

No reasonably-priced or little display

Youngsters line up within the front row as the music begins and clap loudly for the exclusive sartorial creations. The crowd dances alongside as golden-clad fashions sway down the runway in Paris’ golden, vivid clothes to the French rapper Maitre Gims’ song, Sapeur Comme Jamais (Dressed Like Never Before).

“I don’t need to do, simply do a reasonably-priced our little show,” Paris said of the Niary Tally fashion occasion. “I just want to do simply surely what were doing in fancy locations.”

Another fashion designer comes out with funky clothes that spotlight the colorful wax cloth so popular in West African streets, as fashions march down the runway, knees excessive, to the 1950s American song, Lollipop. This year there are 100 fashions on foot in the street parade — more than any other year.

In its fifteenth yr, DFW has grown from six designers its first yr, to 36 this 12 months from 9 nations.

After this night’s Avenue parade, the catwalks of Dakar will flow to a top-crust resort, but for this night, it’s Mary Tally’s second within the highlight.

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