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Choose the Right Sales Material for Your High-Tech Marketing Challenge


When they don’t forget sales substances, most of the people assume most effective of a brochure. For high-tech products, one-of-a-kind materials can help with a selection of advertising situations. The recommendations supplied here will help you select the proper substances for typical era marketing challenges.

Launching a New Product

The launch of a new product can generate several substances, the whole thing from a multi-webpage sleek brochure to a three-inch shelf tag. A brochure or records sheet is sort of mandatory in this case. Prospective customers, income humans, and sellers all expect a document that offers important information about the product’s capabilities and blessings, specifications, gadget necessities, and capability makes use of.

A press launch to alert journalists and analysts of the new product is every other document generally created for each new product. The release can be packaged into a press package that includes different relevant substances for the product launch, consisting of a technical backgrounder, an organization reality sheet, and a sheet of endorsement prices from analysts or early customers.

Depending on the nature of the product and the release, different substances can be beneficial for attracting marketplace hobby:

· A white paper can explain an underlying generation or describe the product within the context of a client’s environment.

· Application notes explain how the product operates for various uses or functions.

· A choice guide offers insights for deciding on among product options or models primarily based on sizes, features, or different characteristics.

Many high-tech agencies create a special location in their Web websites for each new product, making it easy for visitors to locate all associated records quickly.

Promoting a New Version


Marketing a new edition or upgrade of a current product can involve most equal activities and substances because of the launch of a completely new product. For example, a new edition typically requires updating a brochure or records sheet, issuing a press release, developing new utility notes, and revising a spread guide.

An upgrade manual can also be required; it is a unique report centered on modern customers, supporting them to purchase the new edition.

Addressing New Markets

After experiencing fulfillment in a single market, a high-tech employer may decide to sell the product in new markets. These markets may be defined by enterprise, running gadget, purchase as opposed to the enterprise, or different measurements.

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Addressing a brand new marketplace normally method adapting modern substances, tailoring them to the concerns and messages vital to the one’s new possibilities. In some markets, those differences are sufficient to require a completely new set of substances–, particularly brochures and customer case research.

Marketing substances can also be localized in multiple languages to reach a new geographic or cultural marketplace. Localized substances must accurately reflect variations in enterprise practices, era base, conversation style, legal requirements, and product availability in every market.

Setting a Purchase Agenda

Complex era products commonly contain a prolonged sales cycle and a buy selection made by a committee rather than a man or woman. In these conditions, the committee may also evaluate more products towards a stated set of criteria, which can be somewhat biased toward one product supplier.

Influencing a consumer’s assessment criteria earlier of the product comparison activity is known as “placing the agenda.” Marketers use substances, including white papers, articles contributed to industry magazines or technical journals, and product contrast worksheets to help shape the client’s standards and selection.

Counteracting the Competition

Publicly as a minimum, most excessive-tech agencies sincerely forget about competitors, alternatively advertising their personal merchandise as though they’re the handiest choice a prospect would ever remember. Yet, some product classes are so quite competitive that an enterprise ought to, without delay, deal with the promotional claims and activities of competitors.

Materials that can be beneficial for counteracting the opposition encompass reprints of product opinions and check effects and feedback from enterprise analysts that at once advise the product’s strengths and advantages.

Also beneficial may be charts or reports that present a function-through-characteristic assessment of a product and its competitors. However, direct product comparisons ought to be executed carefully. A contrast primarily based on faulty statistics can backfire and possibly create legal issues for the enterprise.

Encouraging Customer Loyalty

Although most marketing verbal exchange efforts aim to attract new clients, high-tech groups recognize that maintaining modern clients is important to marketplace fulfillment. Materials to inspire consumer loyalty consist of ordinary newsletters, new product notices, and user communications. These materials can be disbursed as print documents, e-mail messages, or posts on the product or enterprise weblog.

The Right Material for the Challenge

The complexity of most high-tech products provides several demanding situations for sales and advertising. By wandering past the brochure, you may pick out the right blend of income materials to deal with any of those challenges.

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