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A Guide to Baking Delicious Christmas Cake in Your Bread Maker


A bread maker is no doubt a versatile appliance that can be put to different uses. The best bread maker often comes with pre-defined settings, making it ideal for baking different kinds of bread and making desserts, cakes, jam, yogurt, etc.

A Guide to Baking Delicious Christmas Cake in Your Bread Maker 1

As Christmas is approaching, it’s time to enjoy delicious cakes. How cool would it be to bake your own cake using your bread maker? It would help if you kept a few things in mind while baking a cake in your bread maker.

Use the Cake Setting

Many bread makers have a ‘cake’ setting in the pre-programmed menu, making the task simple to add the ingredients and relax. Once you press this setting, the kneading and baking are taken care of by the machine itself.

You need to press one of the pre-programmed menus and sit down and relax. The bread maker will work for the next few minutes to make the cake ready for you. However, you have to be careful because, in some machines, there is a ‘bake’ setting in the pre-programmed menus. This setting is basically meant for extra baking of the bread and not for cakes.

Make the Most Out of the Available Menu Settings

Some of the models might contain a ‘Batter Bread’ setting, which is meant just for making the dough. You need to transfer it to a baking dish and finish it in the oven for the baking part. However, having the best bread maker from brands like KENT features a dedicated ‘cake’ setting, which means it can prepare the cake from start to finish. Thus, machines differ when it comes to pre-programmed menus, and one needs to go through the user manual properly to understand what each setting actually means.

Use the Right Kind of Flour

Read the cake recipe for the bread maker carefully and use the flour that the recipe says. You should be clear whether it says all-purpose flour or cake flour. Changing the flour will result in disaster because you will be using a pre-programmed menu with no scope of manual interference once the process starts.

Add Nuts at the Right Time

The Christmas cake often calls for the addition of nuts, fruits, rum, etc. You might be required to add these at a certain point. Depending on the bread maker you are using, these will be well taken care of if the machine is fully automatic. Otherwise, there will be some indication like a beep when you need to add them to the recipe. When it comes to the special handling of few ingredients, follow the bread maker cake recipe to get the perfect Xmas cake.

Avoid Lifting the Lid of the Bread Maker to See the Progress

There is no need to lift the lid during the process because you are using a pre-programmed menu. Even if you are tempted to see the progress, refrain from doing so because the cake might not rise properly when exposed to a temperature difference.

Use the best bread maker to bake your Christmas cake as per the manual’s instructions, and then enjoy it with your friends and family. We are sure you would enjoy the taste of every bite of the delicious cake this Xmas.

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